A team of opposites


The right formula for innovation

Opposite backgrounds that met in the middle. Similar profiles with inherently different characters. In any demographic description, Nele Pieters and Stephanie Duval would be one and the same persona – but by working together closely for over five years, they discovered all the reasons why that would be a mistake. Moreover, it led them to develop an entirely new approach to brand strategy. 


About Nele & Stephanie


Nele Pieters

Industrial engineer by education, Nele’s corporate career in FMCG initially led her to specialise in customer experience. Later, as a business consultant, she rediscovered her love for her academic major - strategy.

In Stephanie she found the perfect partner to launch a series of start-ups, test-drive new approaches to business strategy and develop a new methodology. As co-developer of the Community Brand Method, Nele was driven by the desire to help businesses make sense of a thoroughly changed world and thrive by focusing on their natural strengths.


Stephanie Duval

Literature and Journalism graduate Stephanie Duval started out as a journalist and editor, evolved into a content marketeer and stood at the front lines of Belgium’s digital storytelling landscape.

When she met Nele, she realised good storytelling can only lead brands so far - if it’s not backed by a solid business strategy. As co-developer of the Community Brand Method, Stephanie was keen to help bridge the gap between business strategy and its resulting marketing approach, creating an approach that could help small and large companies alike.


Born entrepreneurs

Challenging the status quo

In founding their strategic consultancy and think tank RPPRT, Nele and Stephanie also co-founded three new brands in partnership with companies looking to forge a new path into the future.



With a leading furniture manufacturer, they founded digitally native vertically integrated sofa brand Journuit, cutting out the middlemen and bringing high-quality design sofas straight from production to the consumer.

In doing so, they offered the Benelux consumer a way to reduce their impact on the environment while redecorating – offering them an affordable, 100% Belgian-made alternative on the market.



In collaboration with some of the biggest names of the interior design industry, Nele and Stephanie founded a marketing platform that offered a specific community an online and offline place for information and inspiration.

Happy Kids Book club

Happy Kids Book club

Globalisation has made competition within retail more intense than ever. Meanwhile, the consumer is more aware than ever of their identity, and are more interested in retailers as curators who understand them and can help strengthen their sense of identity. We have developed a specific approach for the book industry to help them better connect with specific communities.


Let’s co-create


We see the full potential

Thanks to our day-to-day job of guiding companies towards their own unfulfilled potential, we uncover untapped opportunities in all fields almost every single day.

Want to take your company in a new direction or are you looking for the perfect opportunity to launch a successful new brand? We are the duo missing from that equation.



Send us the theme of your event and we’ll brainstorm a fitting topic that we can shed a new light on.


12/09/2019, Stokers, Antwerp:
”The Power of Speaking Up” by Mizbiz

21/11/2019, Gent-Brugge:
“The Power of Influence for Community Professionals”
at the BSAE-congress