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Whether you’re an executive who wants to rethink strategy, an innovation junkie on a quest for new ideas or a marketing professional wanting to challenge the status quo – we are here for you.


The guidebook


Take competitive strategy to the next level

Do you have what it takes to become a community brand?
Find out why true courage has nothing to do with fighting.


Brand Identity Test

Do you know who your brand is? Take our personality test and find out whether your brand is distinctive enough to stand out.


Let us challenge what you think you know

And gain a fresh perspective

Sometimes all it takes is one aha-moment, one fresh and original new idea, to put everything in another perspective. And sometimes another perspective is all you need to see the way forward.


Community Brand Network

We believe in the network economy. Because no one can do it all! The community brand network is a network of specialised agencies that all bring their piece to the puzzle in building a community brand. We guide and inspire you to become a community brand.



Makes our hearts beat faster

Fresh perspectives uncover a whole world of new opportunities, and sometimes we get so excited by them, we have to get involved. We are entrepreneurs at heart, and welcome the chance to partner up with established businesses to create spin-offs or new ventures together.


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