Do you still believe in communication, marketing, sales?

We believe in rapport.

What the hell is RPPRT?

rapport / ræˈpɔː / "A close and harmonious relationship in which the people or groups concerned understand each other’s feelings or ideas and communicate well."

We believe rapport is the best kept secret behind strong brands and organisations. It is all about mutual understanding and strategic storytelling. Rapport is not a marketing, sales or communication layer to apply, rapport is the raison de vivre of a brand. And although the concept sounds logical and easy, very few brands really understand its complexity. That’s why we mastered the matter and help companies build rapport with their audience.

What can we do for you?


We help companies and brands build a rapport with their audience by updating their communication model, or developing a new one.

Rapport refers to multidimensional storytelling that allows a brand to develop a real bond with the consumer. Thanks to this emotional connection, consumers will break through the barriers they’ve built against traditional marketing and advertising, and allow themselves to become attached to your brand.

What do we bring to the table?


We offer guidance and assistance on three levels, that we can tailor to your company’s specific needs.

One-shot strategy injection – We bring together all the pieces of the puzzle that are needed to create an eco-system as the foundation to a new way of working. We draw the lines of your communication model and leave you with a detailed plan to execute.

Long-term strategy surveillance – Starting from these plans, we connect the dots. We make sure to bring together all the different parties that can execute even the smallest details of your plan, and bring to life your new communication model.

Multidimensional storytelling in word, image and event: Our storytellers bring your story to life. We bring together a team to create the ideal experience for your brand whether you like it to be in words, images or out-of-the box events. We’ll make sure the story is spread across all channels needed to create the right word-of-mouth traction.

How do we roll?


We believe in a meaningful bottom line.

Although the world has grown so much more complex over the past few decades, many still feel the pressure of wanting to do it all. Never before have there been so many burnouts, depressions and stress disorders. Just like people, companies have struggled with these changes. The ones that thought they could do it all, have ended up stuck in the middle, with more employees and lower margins than ever.

At RPPRT, we are driven by the urge to foster balance in the world. We strive to hit the sweet spot between seemingly opposing forces; to seek out the interesting nuances between the extremes of black and white. Just like the happiest people succeed in balancing their work and their personal life, the healthiest companies today balance profit and purpose.

That is why we are so convinced the need for rapport is ever-growing. We believe in creating and inspiring communities, rather than selling stuff to people. The bottom line should be approached in a meaningful, purposeful way; by adding value to the world and doing things that matter.

Curious about rapport?